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Overviews of Navori Digital Signage Software

The QL is one of the largest, most well-established signage software publishers in the world. The product QL Professional is designed to operate visual communication over a network of screens or displays and tablets. It is the heightening audience’s engagement by playing targeted content such as images, videos, data feed and streaming and interactive content for a way to finding, kiosks, emergency messaging etc.   QL is used globally to empower digital displays, multi-displays, video walls, content triggering, KPI social media board, LED displays, interactive and a way to finding to corporate, universities and colleges, malls, transportation, retail, arenas and many more public venues. QL player is a software with TV broadcast look, feel, and performances, running on Google Android and Windows media players, sharing the same content and features within a single network. QL can play across video walls, single displays, menu boards, tablets with such level of performances and reliability. QL player is running on Personal Computer, Android media players, Soc NEC, Philips, Vestel, tablets and mobile phones and Panasonic.  QL content manager is web-based, multi-user and multi-tenant. Its multi-languages interface was elaborated in such a way that anyone can use it. Users can easily integrate interactivity, data feed with no programming. The content manager enables users to concurrently create, manage, organize, and publish content to networks of displays.


The QL Server and Manager combination provides users with a highly effective system for the management of your digital signage system through user interface designed for ease of use and support. QL server module is installed on a window server or for small systems regular windows personal computer is suitable. It operates as a background service and stores all of its information in a local database. The QL server software can handle anything from one to hundreds of Navori QL Managers that all work simultaneously, each according to a predefined set of user’s rights and permissions.


The programming grid and playlists:

  • Users can create their own playlists then drop them to right in the programming grid.
  • Programme updates are sent to players based on their physical location, language, profile, and demographics.
  • Create dynamic rules on the fly and blend multiple playlists together.

Player monitoring in real-time:

  • Player monitoring provides full control of your players providing feedback on their status.
  • Alerts and events keep you informed through email or SMS.
  • The monitoring window lets you know the status of new program download in real-time.
  • All this information process is displayed in a single window. You can confirm the status of several hundred players in seconds.

Multi-user Capabilities:

From Navori Server, the level administrator can create first level administrator accounts. These accounts can be granted access to a common group of players. Each first level administrator account can, in turn, manage multiple users and assign them up to eight administrative rights. The administrators are also created and manage their own sub-administrator accounts. For each manager account, you create, and you can define a whole series of rights such as which player and which media libraries the user can access, what he can modify if he is authorized to publish content to his pre-assigned screens.

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