Video Sharing Websites

A Comparison Between Video Sharing Websites Of Youtube And Youku

China is not only the country with the world’s largest population but is also a vast market with the world’s largest consumer base and people who are connected to the internet. Although the internet penetration in China is just a little above 52% in 2016, the number of people who are connected to internet in China alone, is a whopping 700 million. This is possible because of the fact that the population of China is only a little below the 1.5 billion mark. All over the world, Youtube is the most popular video uploading and video sharing network. This huge support and customer base for the site has been made possible due to the acquisition of the company by probably the best search engine in the world, Google. In China, Google is not the largest search engine but Baidu. Started in 2000, just a couple of years after Google, today, Baidu is the largest search engine of China and similarly In China , Youku is the leader not Youtube. Although the utility of both the sites are similar, the local population trust the local site to be better as it is close to their cultural opinions.

Getting Into China To Make The Most Out Of The Market

For any company, getting their products inside the Chinese market is both a huge challenge and a wonderful opportunity. It is a big challenge as the local government policies are not conducive for an easy entry into their native market however if one succeeds in getting into the Chinese market, it is a treasure trove of opportunities as the sheer number of the customers in the country is bound to make you a profitable company. However marketing in China, is not as easy as it sounds as the local population is more responsive to the video advertisements and In China , Youku is the leader not Youtube, so it is only understandable that companies make their advertisements in Youku. The young generation in China is constantly connected to the internet and this offers a huge potential to this online social medium in making one famous. Marketing agencies and marketers in China cannot flourish without using this vibrant and dynamic media to the fullest potential.

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