Great Security As Per Your Requirement

Vacation time is travel time – and thus high season for burglar. With our tips you can increase the security.

Tip 1: A safe signal for an uninhabited house is an overflowing mailbox. It is best to use Post’s storage service for 8.20 euros per month. It is best to interrupt newspaper subscriptions.

Tip 2: A constantly unlit apartment is already recognizable from a distance as uninhabited. Use timers to turn one or the other floor lamp on and off. With less than ten euros you are there per timer.

Alarm systems, timers and Co: How to secure your house on vacation

Tip 3: Most houses are not so lonely that no neighbors live nearby. In the neighbor’s house, when he is absent, look for the right one and let him inspect your house. With the options that are good at cctv singapore you will be having the best option now.

Tip 4: Safety technology: Such as high quality doors and locks should be taken for granted. Any obstacle, be it a lockable garden door, makes it harder for burglars and is therefore a worthwhile investment. In most cases burglars prefer to make a light sacrifice.

Motion detectors are handy, at least in some places. What you need to install a motion detector and how it works, we reveal here.

Motion detectors are a practical invention. As long as movement is detected by the device, the light will burn. The rest of the time the lighting is not active. This is not only practical, because no one has to search unnecessarily for a light switch, but it also saves energy, because the light in the attic or in the basement cannot be forgotten and burning unnecessarily for days or nights.

What types of motion detectors are there?

Motion detectors are offered in two versions. Surface or flush mounted motion detectors are available. For flush-mounted versions, the motion detector is inserted directly into the switch box. Thus, the switch is superfluous and replaced directly by the motion detector. The devices are offered for indoor and outdoor use.

Important: Motion detectors for outdoor use should be waterproof.

The preparation

First, the motion detector is manually positioned. The outlines are marked. From this position, the cable duct can then be laid to the socket or the wall for the flush-mounted channel can be opened. If the motion detector is to replace the light switch directly, the old switch is removed and removed from the cables. With the help of the phase tester it can be detected, whether power arrives at the black cable. The reliable singapore home improvement option now you will be able to have the best option now.

What is to be considered?

Motion detectors are easy to connect. There are no differences compared to a conventional switch-off. Motion detectors with 3-wire technology and motion detectors with 2-wire technology are commercially available.

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